sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2011

Longboard family in Finland.

Part of our family in finland.

                                    If you want to skate under palm trees and hot sun,
 you shouldn't  live in finland! Summers are short and not too warm. Falls are long, cold and wet. But we have one thing that makes finland the best country to skate: The people!
Our crew might be small compared to spain, france and america but its not about the quantity, it's the quality.
Our crew really feels like a family. Everybody are always ready to help you with your slides or with your math homework.
When living in finland people have learned that you can't be picky with the weather. Rain doesn't mean that you should sit inside, it means that your standup slides and colemans are going to spin like crazy!
Yesterday our crazy crew went Helsinki touring with our longboards.
It was probably +6 degrees and asphalt was wet but we were lucky and it was quite sunny. We had our picture taken in front of painted palm trees before we started cruising, it made us feel like we were in somewhere warm. 
We had a great time even tough the Baltic ocean swallowed Kari's Earthwing Thruster.
Baltic ocean vs. Helsinki&Turku longboarding 2-0 (Last summer the Baltic ocean swallowed Sooseppi's board, damn you ocean!). Luckily he had a back up board so he continued cruising with us. It's another great example what king of people we have here. You might skate your longboard in to the ocean but you just run to your car, get a back up one and continue skating!
After couple of hours kicking around, having some coffee and food and some sweet and wet slides the day was over. Im glad we took some pictures because this might have been the last session this year (hopefully not!). The winter is coming and in some parts of finland it has already been snowing. But it just means that you put your kneepads, boards and slidegloves in to the closet and get your snowboard from the attic! Some sweet rail slides! 

This blog is for sharing different experiences and feelings about longboarding, about longboarders lives and also being a Longboardette, a girl longboarder.
Next week we are going to publish pictures and stories from the past summer. We have travelled around europe longboarding and meeting the greatest people.
Skate or Die!


3 kommenttia:

  1. I like rooseppi..

    one side note: baltic sea - helsinki & turku lonboarding 2-0 ;)

    revenge is coming!

  2. Mahtavaaa! En malta odottaa kuvia ja tarinoita teiltä. Jos huolitte, saatan kesällä 2012 livahtaa joukkoonne suloiseen kruisailemaan ja oppimaan (jos vain oon Suomessa). Oletan, että ootte Helsinki -crew? Tiedättekö muita joukkoja Suomessa? Thumbs up blogille!

  3. Hansqu: Note noted! ;)

    Joukkoon huolitaan aina uusia ja innokkaita Lonkkarityttöjä!
    Pääasiallisesti helsingissä pyöritään, mutta turussakin on aktiivinen turku crew. Ja tottakai mahdollisuuksien mukaan reissataan ympäri suomea kisailemassa ja muuten vaan rullailemassa! :) Ensi viikolla lisää matskua tiedossa.