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The ABC of dating a skater girl

Besides brozoning there are also other issues that skateboading girls face up with.
What if you are dating a guy who doesnt skate?
In this text we will go trough some of the problems we girls face up with.

I have never been dating a guy who skates.
I think the problems start from the point that you meet a guy who skates and he brozones you.
Soon you stop looking the guys you skate with. You don't even think them as possible boyfriends.
So when ever a new guy starts to hang out with your skate crew, you instantly friendzone them whitout thinking about it.
And if you happen to find a skating guy who doesn't brozone you then you have to face the fact that you are sharing your hobby with him.
Is it going to be annoying that he skates better than you or learn the tricks faster than you?
Or how hard it would be for him if you skate better than him? That crushes every guys soul!

It's easier to meet a non-skater guys ofcourse.
But I have noticed that every time you tell a guy that you longboard they look at you like "U sure girl?".
You try to tell them that YES I LONGBOARD. They just imagine you in minishorts and high heels carrying your board around the city.
This is how I alwas look while skating.
And when the for example see your facebook page filled with photos and videos of you longbaording they are like: "What? I thought you were joking..."
So now he knows that you actually longbaord. Now there is two ways he can handle this situation.
Some guys are super stoked about the fact you skate and others just dont like it.
The one who don't like it you should just dump instantly. The ones who like that have more hope.

Then the non-skater guy have to listen to you to go on and on about sliding, downhill, wheels, bushings and how you just bought new bearings. Also they have to put up with your bleeding elbows, broken legs, bruses and infected knees. Nice.
If they can handle all that, great!
Part of the longboard girls of finland <3
Next step is when you travel to freerides, competitions or just for fun.
Ofcourse you travel with guys. First you go to places like france. Then you skate, maybe have "some" beer and after that sleep in the same tent/bed with them.
Might sound scary for your boyfriend, but luckily the guy you skate with has already brozoned you so no worries!
Skating takes a lot of your time, you travel a lot and hang out mosty with guys. If you find a guy who can handle all that and at the same time watches longboard videos with you, he's a keeper!

So here's some tips for you non-skater boys:

1. Do not worry about the skater boys, they have brozoned your girl already.
2. Don't tell her that her injured knees or bleeding elbows are horrible, just bring some band-aid and close your eyes.
3. When she talks about skateboarding to you just say: "That sonds awesome!" even tough you have no idea what she's talking about.
4. And most important thing: Just love her!

I wouldn't stop longboarding for any guy but I can dump guys if they can't handle the fact that I longboard or just can't handle me.

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  1. Great post, good humor! I longboard so I can relate to this. But I gotta admit that I didn't realize just how many girls actually longboard, even here in Finland.