torstai 12. heinäkuuta 2012

Loaded Bhangra, dancefloor on wheels!

I dislocated my shoulder about four weeks ago when we were longboarding in Lapland.
After that I couldnt skate for a couple of weeks and I still can't do much sliding because I need to wait that it heals properly.
Loded Bhangra
I was getting bored because I am not a person who just likes to cruise around the city or watch everybody else skate. That's when I decided to get Bhangra!
So once again it was time to contact Boardsport because I remembered that I saw one Bhangra in the shop. I had a good luck, it was still there.
I was thinkin that if I can't slide I'm going to dance.
I have never before done much dancing or any kind of tricks, like flips or shuvits.
I have always thought that they are just not fore me.
But when I tried that kind of stuff with Bhangra I fell in love!
I have been skating now almost every day trying to learn new dance steps and yesterday we were skating I did the first stand up slides after the dislocated shoulder and for that the Bhangra worked great.
Only problem that I have been having with it is the fact that it's HUGE!
Really nice for crostepping but really heavy which makes some trics really hard for smaller person. But everything shouldn't always be so easy, I need challenges time to time!
 I work in a shopping mall so when I had a break from gripping skateboards I went to the roof to skate a bit, nice way to spend lunch breaks!
Esa was kind enought to come with me and take a few pictures with my awesome cellphone camera (after buying me a huge ice cream)!


Jeans are broken from yesterdays longbaording and my right knee got couple of good bruses!
                                                 Summer and minishorts, here I come!
I don't know what is this.


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