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Longboardettes roadtrip to Lapland part 1

Roosa-Liida Koskivaara, Lena Salmi, Päivi Tuovinen, Reetta Tiihonen and Kaisa Viitanen

Great recept for a skatetrip!

Longboardettes roadtrip to Lapland was ready to start. We got an amazing skatevan from Huittisten laatuauto and packed it full of leathersuites and longboard decks, trucks and wheels. Note to ourselves: when you are travelling with girls remember to take the biggest car available.

First we drove through the night to Rovaniemi where we crossed over arctic circle at six o'clock in the morning. Weird part is that we never knew the time, it was always sunny or bright so we were just going with the flow and the weather. We were crossstepping in front of Santas post office while christmas songs and spirit were joining our session and Santapark just around the corner. It was epic fun! Finally we got our last member to join us in Rovaniemi when Päivi brought her sunny personality to the crew.
Photo: Päivi Tuovinen
Plum longboards and Reindeer longboards gave us boards to test in Lapland!

Ounasvaara hill at Rovaniemi was the first stop! Local news crew came to watch us skate and were superstoked of us conquering Lapland with longboards. We think of ourselves as ambassodors of Lapland spreading the longboardlove and Laplands beautiful summer nature and culture to around us. It's the most ideal place to skate in Finland downhill longboarding. Even Rovaniemi which is supposed to be a bigger city was quiet and with only little trafik. Being more exited than ever, craving for bigger hills we continued our trip to Orresokka at Luosto!

Photo: Päivi Tuovinen
Orresokka is a biathlon track 3,5km long and has a  smooth asfalt  to longboard. It's pretty narrow so it makes it a technical spot too. In the end theres a 180 degrees toeside corner where you don't have to drift! It's amazing ride, go for it! There's places to skate from the beginner to a pro, so great place to skate with a big group too. We went there for couple days just because it was so awesome!

Next stop was to go to Lenas friend Ásllatt from Lemmenjoki (Leammi). He is a reindeerherder, journalist, documentarist and soon to be longboarder! There's a river where you can do gold  washing and a hill for downhill longboarding! From now on it's called Ásllatt spot! Too bad it started raining but it didn't stop for Roosa and Päivi to skate.

Just wait for the second part!

Video is coming out 28.7 in Longboardettes JAM in Helsinki!

Kaisa & Roosa

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