maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

2 days 'till Madrid!

Many of you already know that Longboard girls crew is throwing a 100k party in Madrid 26.4.
As soon as I heard about this, I booked my flights.
Mojito in Moyano?

I was in Madrid last year for a bit over a week.
It was awesome! Good places to slide, and a couple good hills to practise my tuck.
Also cheap Sangria is a BIG plus.
Last time I was there I  found a place to sleep trough Couchsurfing.
I stayed with Mike and his two girl roomates, they are now my favorite russians!
When I decided to go to the party I just contacted Mike trough facebook and luckyly I can sleep on their couch again.

This time the trip is going to be a bit different.
People in madrid are throwing couple of competitions like Slide jam, Night race and Plactic slalom.
I have already registrated to the Slide jam and the Night race.
Im not that into slalom (and really not good at it)
but maybe I just go and watch other people skate!
Moyano, Place where the slide jam is held.

I really hope that these couple of days go by quickly.
I have had a rough and really depressing couple of weeks and I really just need a change on scenery.
I got a new backpack last week, I will pack all my troubles and bad feelings in there, carry them in Madrid and leave them there.
But right now I feel happier than I have felt in a long, long time!
Wet stand up slides in Moyano last year.
I still think that everything happens for a reason, I got invited to attend tests for getting to study next fall. One of them is held while im in Madrid, but I think that in that case, it's not the right place for me to go.
Also Im travelling with Kaisa, so the trip can't go wrong!
I'm looking fovard meeting the whole girls crew!

I still have tomorrow to practice my slides for the Slide jam after the the test Im taking in school.
Need to get my stand ups right and maybe also practise one foot slides.

Before I finish I want to thak Jenni for borrowing her GoPro camera for our trip, I promise we'll take good care of it!
I also want to thank Jani for sponsoring me with yet another Lonkenstein promo t-shirt, now i dont have to brake my own shirts at the slide jams! It has my favorite print; DRUNKEN WHALE!

All of the pictures are from last year when I was skating in Madrid.
Jacky and Oceane, miss you girls!

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