tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012

Downhills of Europe started from KOZAKOV

I was nervous. It was going to be my first race abroad, first World cup race that finnish girls had ever taken part of and my biggest hill ever. I was heading to Insul in Germany. But before that, it was time to enjoy some Czech food, hills and tent life. Kozakov is usually first Euro downhill race on IGSA tour. IGSA is International gravity sports association which organises for example World Cup series. And as a part of that is Euro down hill series and Europian championship race.  Lots of longboarders meet up in Kozakov after seeing each other for a while and there is a huge party, or that was what I heard. Rad hill, rad longboarders and lots of hay bales to crash.

I arrived there just when the party started at night!  I missed out rainy days qualification runs but race day was sunny and amazing. Everything was super cheap, you could easily draw 2000 from the wall. Watch out cheap booze and tent of LOVE, so you dont miss out any action. Or you can always make your own action. I have to admit that I had no idea who were top skaters and who were not, everybody looked the same and everybody were partying together. Afterwards I had few friends more than the night before. Everywhere I go, everywhere I travel, the most valuable thing I bring home are the experiences with awesome new people. Sometimes even a little time with right person can make a huge difference in your life. Remember that!
Team Finland

Best part of Kozakov was entertaining hill with tight corners and speed, amazing partytent with haywar and super cute boys. There was a six man heats and lots of exitement in the air. It was first time for me to see people bombing hills that fast. Just watching it made me tachycardic. One guy crashed and broke his wrist in the first corner but ended up first of his run with that broken bone, respects! It was a fun race just to watch and definately not in my limits to race with 100km/h top speed. Probably only sport I enjoy watching.

Patrick Switzer won this race last year, a guy with huge warm heart and beautiful smile, go and see who is number one this year. Registration is started NOW! 

Skate or diet!

Lots of skatelove

p.s What about Insul!? Find out soon...

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