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MmmmmMadrid: our new mantra!

Summer of LongboardLOVE has started in Madrid! 

Longboardettes arrived to a rainy Madrid so it was obviously time for a wet t-shirt contest to celebrate our new logo. We spent amazing 7 hours to skate in the rain in Moyano! It was raining almost the whole day but we're not scared of rain, its just more fun if you are not afraid to get dirty.

Moyano is pure gold for sliding and dancing with your longboard. It's concrete and super slippery, easy place to start to do anything fun with your board. Better watch out for it in the rain though...

Roosa and Oceane 
There's not a better way to start your day than eat real spanish churros and warm chocolate. Cruise around roads in Madrid and stop by a glass of cold sangria.

Kaisa spent her nights in Hostel One in Malasana. Thats a street full of bars and cafes and places to get delicious tapas. Roosa catch her couch from . There's also a facebook group to get/offer couches for longboard trips, LONGBOARD COUCH SURFING.

In the 100K party we got many new friends and got finally to meet up in person with our LGC friends. We will have lots of couches to crash next time. New friends from Barcelona girls crew and hell yeah we are going to Mallorca to meet up with downhillchica Kati. Fabulous girl from Madrid Sonso Masia are joining our Euro trip this summer on our way from Teolo World Cup race to KNK Longboard camp in Slovenia. That's going to be rad, since there are so many girls racing this year, also Jacky Madenfrost! Do I have to mention those spanish guys, sweeeeeeet <3! Actually best part of the trip were the afterparties that happened after this. We met our handsome neighbour from Sweden, Michael Aho and are planning a skatetrip to stockholm! Gbemi from London, what a positive package. He will make you laugh for sure!

Team Nordic: Roosa, Kaisa and Michael rocked it in tarpsurfing!

Photo by Marta Guillen

Team Finland won silver in downhill contest. Congrats to our sweet ROOSA-LIIDA!!!!

Photo Rodrigo Navarro
Slide jam was a success as well to even experience such a great longboard spirit. Next summer I hope we will have twice as many girls in our slide jam, yeah!

It was the best trip so far for us. We thank you Longboard girls crew,  all our new friends and wish you all the best skate for this summer!

Enjoy talented Marta Guillen's video from the whole weekend:

Kaisa ja Roosa

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