maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012

Please fix me!

All of the longboarders have some kind of problems with their knees, shoulders, elbows or some part of their body for time to time.
This is the reason why in every longboarding group should have one physiotherapist!

Last friday I had a little accident with beer and longboarding.
My beautiful infected knee.
So when I woke up saturday morning I couldn't walk or bend my knee in any way.
I hit it pretty hard to the asphalt.

Couple of summers ago I got the knee infected pretty bad so after that it has given me all kind of problems. So if I hit it somewhere even a little it swells up and it's really painful.
This time it happened for a really bad time.
Weather has been awesome, one finnish tv program is coming to film our longboarding in tuesday and thursday we were supposed to go to påminne to practice some pre drifts.
My knee this time.

So as you can see from the picture it was pretty big this time too.
But the fact that before this picture was taken saturday, I stood 7 hours at work which made it a lot worse!

We had skate session on sunday.
Obviously I couldn't skate but I went there to watch everybody else have fun and also asked Ville, our physiotherapist to come and fix me!
He has been skating us for some time now and we are so lucky to have him in our crew! He has fixed my shoulder once and avery time somebody hurts themselves he is always there with some kinesio tape!

So, im not really sure how this stuff works, but it does!
It takes down the swelling.
And I'm really glad that it does, now I can do some sliding for the tv show on tuesday.
The biggest problem was that the knee gets so big that it's impossible to bend it.
He taped it yesterday and today when I woke up, I can actually WALK!
Good as new!
 So this is the reason why you have to skate with doctors, physiotherapists or nurses!
You don't always even need kinesio tape,
Last summer Ville made new side ligament for Janne with duct tape and after that he could continue skating even tough he could barely walk before!
So once again the day is saved!


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