maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Sadetta, skeittausta ja sangriaa!

aka. Rain, skate and sangria!

Me and Kaisa travelled to Madrid to take part in 100k party organised by Longboard girls crew and also do some skating with them!
Few competitions, lots of sliding and churros.

Roosas trip started really early from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. She was superstoked to get beer in the plane 7.00 am! And she got lucky while waiting for the connection flight, Lufthansa offered 250€ for waiting couple of hours for the next flight because they had overbooked the first one. Amazing as it sounds she got more money for two hours than she payed for her whole trip. They also gave 15€ lunch coupon to buy food from the airport.

The next evening was the time to party hard! The 100k party was held in this big club, which was reserved just for longboarders/longboardettes.
It was crazy! Before hitting the party me and Kaisa were eating some tapas and going around the city
When we got to the party, there was already a huge line outside the club, i was glad thet we had our names "on the list" so we didn't have to wait outside!

We had our photo taken, a few times. I loved the board we were posing with, really funky shape!
Also we both had bought party hats earlier in the evening, I think half of the people at the club had my hat on in some part of the evening!

Rest of the evening/night just flew by! We met so much new people and were able to talk with people Roosa had met last year when she was skating in Madrid.
We did some filming at the party with Gopro and the last clip we have was taken around 6.30 in the morning of Roosa and Oceane sitting at the metrostation going home...

More about sliding, downhill and other skate related stuff is coming in the next part.
We just have so much things I want to write about thet I can't fit them in one text.
(Roosa is also editing a video from our trip, we hope she can finish it next week!)
All of the great people we have met, partied and skated with will always stay in our memories and we hope from our hearts that we all will meet again somewhere in europe!


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