maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

Junior skaters!

Had a great time today at Olympia stadion.
Great weather and finally learned to do some standup slides!

We also had our youngest members there(If we don't count Paulis daughter Maj who is a bit too young to come to skate with us).
Mini-Roosa, Kaisa and Isa

It's really annoying that little Roosa can probably skate mini better than me, I am really afraid that she will also kick my ass in longboarding some day.

Isa had her Penny board with her, all tough her dad Pasi was trying to convince us that they owned the board together.

Roosa, Mini-Roosa and Kaisa

It's sometimes crazy to skate with kids cause they learn everything so fast and make me just feel super old, even though I am only 21 years old!
In the future, I bet these girls will be ripping in europe and doing some of the craziest downhill ever.


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