perjantai 16. maaliskuuta 2012

Day one

For me, today was the first real day of this year, me and Kaisa went longboarding.

Who is he?
When I waked up in the morning and looked out of the window I decided what I was going to do. I took my skateboard tool and putted my brand new complete together, called Kaisa and grabbed my camera. I was on my way to the hill at the stadium.
The guys had been there the last weekend and brushed all of the sand away from the little road going down from the swimming stadium. The place is often used for practising slides in summer but the good part is that the sun is shining directly on that spot most of the day so it's also one of the first snow free spots in the spring.

Before hitting the stadium we were cruising around the city center for a while, the main streets were dry and sand free so it was good just to cruise around for the first time this year.
"Is that the mini killswitch?" Shouted one guy when we were cruising by them, good guess but nope. Both of us were riding our Isis boards.
I was really nervous when we got to the stadium and it was time to do the first slides of the year. Whole new setup: brand new wheels and a board I have never slided with before.

But everything went better than expected: no falling down. They were maybe the best colemans I have ever done. Maybe it was the wheels, the board, Kaisa shouting "WHOO" on the top of the hill or maybe im just awesome.
I think it was all of that putted together and mixed with some killer weather.
                                              Perfect way of starting the season!

Now im waiting to get to Madrid even more, really want to get some downhill done!

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