sunnuntai 11. maaliskuuta 2012

Getting ready for the season 2012

Spring is coming.
You can already start too see the asphalt from under the snow, days are longer and when you leave home to work 07:00am it's not dark anymore.
And as always spring means that the longboarding season is going to start soon!
Me and Kaisa have already started to plan summer and all the amazing trips we are going to make.
Yesterday we booked plain tickets to go to Madrid next month.
The girls in Madrid are throwing a big party for all the longboarder girls (and guys are also welcomed) from all over the europe. That is something I really want to be part of.
It's going to be 5 days filled with cruising around the city, sliding and maybe also some downhill.
I was in Madrid about 3-4 months ago for a couple of weeks so I have met most of the girls in Madrid allready and really looking fovard of seeing them again!

Me and Kaisa also signed up for KnK Longboard camp in August. 7 days and 2 tracks, it's a longboarders dream! I have never been in Slovenia but what I have seen in pictures, it's going to be beautiful!

   ( )
      (Picture from the main track from Slovenia)

Yesterday I picked up my new board and a new set of wheels for the summer from Boardsport.
I propably bought the last Isis sold on earth (well the only one I have seen in while)
and Landslide wheels from Seismic (75mm/79A).
Im really exited to put the complete together and I really hope we are able to do some longboarding soon!
Im always a bit scared to buy new wheels I haven't tried before...

And for a good ending
I can tell that I have requested

a recer number for
IGSA world cup 2012,
super stocked!

Maybe writing this blog is going to get easier when I actually get some longboarding done...


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