tiistai 13. maaliskuuta 2012

Skate and eat cake!

It was my birthday few weeks ago. It started out with sledding in Tähtitorninmäki. Snowy Finland.

Some of my longboarding friends just happened to feel like skateboarding like me. An one guy just happened to have a miniramp in his office, how cool is that!?  My friends surprised me with a card and a chocolate cake with candels. It was delicious. They sang me a song and we skated together. This is one of the biggest gifts that anyone has ever given me. A bunch of friends who share the same passion. Thank you my dear hobby. We are connected  through this awesome sport, share the same  passion and support each other in many ways.We can laugh together, we can cry together. No one really cries that much though. I love the cuddly culture, hugs for everyone. It was a perfect day!

 Longboarding with your friends is one of the best ways to spend your days, with or without rain. In Finland the season is shorter but at the same time more intense. I'm grateful for all these amazing people in my life who I have gotten to know through this sport. I know that some of these people will always stay in life. I charish the memories and experiences I have had with my friends close to my heart. And I'm looking forward to make new memories. One of the best thing about longboarding in Finland is this crew. Our country has a small population comparing to other European countries but I think it is an advantage. Here we all help each other, support and spread the stoke together.  Longboarding has been very marginal sport in Finland and now it's growing a lot here and abroad. I'm always happy to see a new face in the sessions. Our "longboard family" accepts everyone as they are and welcomes everyone to the trips too. Even if you are a beginner, never touched a board or advanced dowhilll dudette or dude, everyone is always welcomed. In amongs of girl longboarders we try to make this awesome sport more known to people and make it easy to start it. We share our boards and helmets. Because we fell in love with it, we know that there is a lot more of you who has always dreamt about it but not tryed it.

Girls and boys, eat cake and skate! Life is about doing the things you love.  Let's make the world a better place to live and skate more. It's good for your health too. Come to our session this spring and summer and you can feel the love, energy and adrenalin!
Peace and love!

<3 Kaisa

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