torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2012

Forever Brozoned?

What about when a girl longboarder becomes just "one of the guys"?

In longboarder groups a lots of times us girls; skate, drink beer, do silly and sometimes also dangerous stuff that is originally concidered to be "boys stuff".
Girls are treated the same way as guys which in my opinion is great, but soon the guys stop seeing us as girls and the we are stuck in the brozone.

"Sou you are going longboarding with a girl?"
-"Nope, it's just Roosa."

I have heard guys complain about girls friendzoning them. You hang out with an attractive girl, you are being polite, listen to her going on and on about her problems and alvays be there for her. After a while girl says :"Oh you are such a lovely guy, you listen to me and help me with all my stuff! I wish every guy would be like you! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIND"
*BOOM* Frindzoned!

You skate with attractive guy, you drink beer with them, ask for advices for example how to do this awesome but hard slides, you talk with them about longboarding for many hours without getting bored. After a while guy says: "Oh you are such a red skater, you like to party, go to travell all around europe with us. I hope every girl would be like you. YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD BRO"
*BOOM* Brozoned!

But is there any way of getting out of brozone?
Would wearing a mini skirt help?
Nope, I think once you have been brozoned, you are staying there for the rest of your life, The end!
Well, at least I enjoy being at the brozone, its very comfy here! :)

-Roosa-Liida/The Bro!

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  1. I have to disagree. If a boy gets friendzoned then there has to be some kind of fucking earthquake or a really really faggot duche boyfriend for the girl to re-consider the guy as boyfriend material. Meanwhile most guys are basically attracted to ALL the GIRLS, evolution has programmed us to consider anyone healthy enough to bear our child to be considered as attractive, which is why girls get offended when a guy says, "sure, I'd do her, but not as a girlfriend".
    Girls who do sports are intimidating for most guys, because you can't just show up on a longboard and sell yourself as a kickass motherfucker, because the girl will be able to tell if you're real or not, so it's just easier to brozone her and not be afraid of being judged on your skills.