maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Girls can skate?

Girls can skate!
Well who said that they couldn't?

Jenni doing some standups.

In the last couple of years a lot of girls have found longboarding.
And as the result, a lot of girl groups have started to form all around the world.
I like the fact that girls have started to longboard and in the same time lots of new friendships have been formed but what is the thing with "Girls can skate too"?

I think that the past years have been proving us that girls can do the same things that guys can, not just in longboarding.
And most of the doubt that girls couldn't skate as well as the guys are created by the girls themselves.
All of the posts, pictures and videos titled "girls can skate" are the things that I just can't get. Who has putted the thought that girls couldn't skate in our minds?

It can't be the longboarder guys. For me guys that I skate with have always been supportive and I wouldn't be half as good longboarder that I am today whitout their help and advices.
Maybe (some) girls are a bit more causious and hesitate about trying new things like sliding and downhill but that doesn't mean that with a bit practice they couldn't be equally good with boys in those things.

First proper session of LGCF
So stop questioning your selves and thinking yourself just as a "girl longboarder".
We are all just longboarders.

Well it's just my thoughts about this matter, what do you all think?


(Dont get me wrong I love our girl group, but its just an obvious thing that we can skate too:)

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